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I got myself a new toy a couple of days ago. Here are some photos of the awesome Squeezebox2 (www.slimdevices.com).


More photos!


Added a couple of photos. Updated music page.


New theme! It's pink! :-)


Added music recommendations pages. Updated music page. Updated this main page. Updated links page. Updated contact page.


The only "supported" themes at the moment are 04 and 05. If you happen to be using one of the other themes and want to get rid of it, click here to set the theme back to 05.

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This site has been developed for Opera since I feel that it best conforms to the standards. Mozilla Firefox should work fine too, but that hasn't been tested. Internet Explorer will break since Microsoft is too lazy to implement necessary features like support for 24-bit PNGs and solve critical bugs like all their weird CSS padding and margin problems, and I'm too lazy to make exceptions for a buggy browser which is used by too many people. Instead of requiring all users to make ugly work-arounds for stupid bugs, the bugs should obviously be solved.

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